Donnie's Inferno

I would like to state for the record that everything I write is absolutely true.

A little bit of me.


Hi I’m Donnie Rust.

I am a self published author toiling away in the genre of paranormal satire and fiction. I am not a particularly serious individual which is a quality I am very serious about keeping.

My first novella, That Time I Did A Favour For God And Almost Got Buggered To Death By A Demon Dog. A Working Title, has received positive acclaim and was published by Red Myth Reading and promoted by Box Bookstore. It is the first in a five part series and I assure that the titles get weirder as we progress.

As I am self published I rely on the feedback, communication and engagement of all my readers and I would like to invite you to join my monthly mailing list available here which will guarantee you keep up-to-date with the madness that is taking place.

Other than that, please catch up with me on Twitter and on Facebook, I am always there to chat.

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That’s it. Toodles.