A review on Box Bookstore.

 My first novella, number one of my Working Title series, has been picked up by a book promoter with a fast growing network of stores around the UK. What is even better is that they are only interested in promoting self published books.



I’m serious, this business, even in it’s infancy has been offered books by traditional publishers and big titles and they have turned them down. “We promote independent writers,” they say, “We want to be associate with game changers.” they say. And I believe them.

So now. My book, is being featured in a little blue and red box called the Box Bookstore in coffee houses up and down Britain and they are selling. The coffee houses are happy because their clientele are encouraged to make an impulse buy that makes them likely to sit down and read while enjoying a coffee, and I am happy because my book is now on a growing number of shelves alongside a range of other self published authors.

Each author is vetted, the stories read. If editing, proofing or design work is required it is available for an additional fee but fortunately my publisher had me covered. So I’m in good company.

This one is in Aroma Norwich. www.aromanorwich.co.uk

There are drawbacks, it does require a bit of a change of the thinking from the norm of writers and requires a monthly subscription fee to secure the space on the box. But considering the last promoter I spoke with gave me a figure of £6000 to promote my book for a three month campaign, to be told that I’d need to spend £19.00 a month to secure my space in the bookshelves not only seemed reasonable but logical.

So there is a fee and for me to get more spaces booked their growing network I have to pay additional moneys for the prevelage and I also need to supply the books to them so there was an initial cost. But still, much cheaper than many of the other options.

For that subscription fee, I get 14 spaces (either in one place or spread out) and I’m getting regular book signings at the venues where the books are, I’ve had an increase in traffic to my site thanks to the promotion I’m getting from their website www.boxbookstore.com and there is a genuine buzz around my title which does mean a lot.

Another drawback, if a minor one, is that they need their writers to develop their own social media. So there is a lot of personal branding that has to be done. Again, this can be sorted for an additional cost but as my budget has been remarkably small for all of this I wanted to keep things as cheap as possible and luckily thanks to my GIFs and Vids I have a bit of a Twitter audience too. (Here’s winking at you peeps).

I’ve been invited to a number of webinars for those involved in what they call “the project” and both the authors and the hosts are invited to attend. Here they cover such things as “Publishing a Book”, where they show you the step by step guides on how to make use of Amazon from start to finish. Then there’s “Promotion One-Oh-One” which covers the promoting of a book in the same way. Showing how to set up a Twitter page, but also where and how to get the analytics, setting up a Facebook page and how to mass-invite. Those little things that can make all the difference. During it you can ask questions and once done the entire webinar is available as a downloadable copy for all subscribers so they’re offering education on the subject.

I’ve also been invited to put a bio of myself on their website which I as of yet, haven’t had the time to do I’m afraid, but that will be happening soon. I checked on the site and found that nobody has their bios up yet and as I understand it there are only a handful of writers that they are working with at the moment; The chap I spoke with explained that as they insist on building relationships with their writers that things are growing slowly because and I quote, “We’re doing the best to build this up right.”

I believe they started at the beginning of 2017.

By no means is this the only means that I’m using to promote my books. But it has proved to be an interesting one because it’s a move against the tide of “digital digital digital” that I’ve been hearing about recently and they genuinely seem interested in helping writers like myself get seen by a wider audience. Also, it’s a brilliant excuse to go traveling to different coffee shops and boutique stores, although now, my caffeine addiction is well and truly out of control.

So that’s it. Please forgive any spelling errors or grammatical screw-ups. I’m writing this currently while enjoying a coffee and people keep asking about my book. 🙂

See you soon.



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